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Watch out Wind, Solar and Nuke:
This Power is clean, abundant and almost FREE!
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Ener-Core (ENCR) could generate handsome profits for early investors with its breakthrough, green-energy technology worth as much as $93 billion a year!

Recommendation: Ener-Core, Inc. (ENCR)
Current Price:  $1.00
Short Term Target:  $2.50
Long-Term Target: $8.00

You could make huge profits from the untold billions
of cubic yards of "throw-away" methane gas now escaping unused into the earth's atmosphere!

FellowFellow Investor:

Major turbine manufacturers, General Electric , Kawasaki and Rolls Royce are already in discussions with Ener-Core's management. I believe the timing is just right for this company's still unnoticed stock (ENCR) to snowball in value, with huge upside potential.

Right up front, let me be clear about my motives.

This is about you making some serious profits...

From a wise and fundamentally-sound investment in:

A rock-solid, publically-traded, high-tech company...

That's found a way to burn FREE waste methane gas to generate electricity...

And owns a patented, breakthrough technology that makes it profitable!

It could become the most profitable move you ever make!

I'm a seasoned professional investor, and while I do care about the environment, my first priority is making money. I'm always looking for the highest return on my capital that I can get.

And, while you could say that Ener-Core Inc. (ENCR), the company you're about to discover, is in the "green-energy" business, that's not why I'm so keen on the huge profit potential of its stock, (ENCR).

I'm telling you, this gradual oxidizer technology company that's got a game-changing patent on a proven-effective way to generate electricity from the FREE waste gas (methane) that comes from...


Oil Well Flares 

Coal mines!

Think about it: How much profit would a utility company make if the fuel it uses to power it's electrical generators was free? How much money would a municipality save if it generates electricity from the methane gas now escaping from its landfill?

This is not the "some-day" dream of some wide-eyed, idealistic inventor.

The US Department of Defense is already using this breakthrough technology at its Fort Benning landfill to generate 250KW of electricity for the base. That's enough to power 250 homes with zero fuel costs!

The Fort Benning model is a small FP250 Powerstation. But the new technology Ener-Core Inc. has created (and patented) has the potential to dominate a market (which as I'll show you as you read on), could be...

Worth as much as $93 Billion a year!

I am convinced that when Wall Street analysts realize that...

A) Its technology is already generating electricity from "FREE" methane...

B) The Dept. of Defense is already using it, and 

C) that it's a publicly-traded, non-government, profit-driven enterprise...'ll see ENCR soar!

These Household Names Could Soon Be Key Partners with ENCR

"The U.S. strives to free itself from polluting coal fired plants. Ener-Core has exactly the right technology at exactly the right time."

I'm staking my reputation on ENCR!

My name is Carl Delfeld. For years I wrote investment columns at Forbes, where my job was finding market-clobbering investment opportunities.

I'm doing my own thing now as editor and publisher of Capital Gains Alert.  I am still ably assisted by a "club" of professional contacts around the world. We regularly share investment ideas and financial intelligence and I pass the best of these ideas on to my readers.

For example, in early 2013, the Bank of Japan to pump cash into the Japanese economy at an unprecedented rate, and I began buying the "Merrill Lynch of Japan," Nomura Securities (NMR).

At the time, NMR was trading at $3.95,  in less than four months the stock had run to $9.21 and the company had announced a 9.3 fold increase in profits for the year. I told my readers to sell NMR and lock in a 133% gain.

Capital Gains Alert readers booked gains of 65% in 5 months on Harley Davidson,  68% in 7 weeks with bank Credit Suisse, and 179% in 15 months with Samsung.  In less than one year, Casino operator Melco Crown was up 124% and snowmobile maker Polaris was up 67%.

I recently picked Mexican manufacturer Grupo Simec (SIM) for a 93.25% in one year.

My readers saw Honolulu-based Dole Foods surge 37% in one month after our recommendation.

Right now, my urgent concern is alerting you to the tremendous upside potential I see in Ener-Core (ENCR: OTCBB).

You'll find complete and very convincing (no hype) details on the company and its patented, breakthrough technology when you click on the link below.

I hope, for the sake of your nest egg, that you'll take my advice and add some shares of ENCR to your portfolio now while you can still get them at less than $1.00 a share.

Carl Delfeld
Publisher, Capital Gains Alert





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